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Anwar Mammoth

! STELLAR FOX (Android)

You can take a closer look in this exclusive teaser trailer thanks to Youtube. Morgan marks the feature directorial debut of Luke Scott, celebrated commercial director and son of legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott. Also starring in the movie is Paul Giamatti, whom we got a look at in yesterday's photos. Mara and Giamatti are joined by a stellar ensemble cast that includes Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh and Jennifer Jason Leigh in her first role since this past December's The Hateful Eight. Luke Scott had this to say about the story.

! STELLAR FOX (Android)

What Qualcomm's attorneys, now led by Goldstein & Russel's Tom Goldstein, put front and center is that the FTC brought the lawsuit with only two commissioners voting in favor (at the time, there were only three commissioners), and that former Qualcomm attorney (in terms of his positions, forget the "former") and now-Antitrust Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim and FTC commissioner Christine Wilson disagree. So they're trying to discredit the case and the ruling, and I have my doubts that this will impress the Ninth Circuit, especially given Judge Koh's stellar reputation throughout and beyond that circuit as well as the fact that her judgment is simply in the global antitrust mainstream in light of other decisions in the EU and in Asia (with a second EU antitrust hammer having been unofficially announced by DG COMP to come down in the months ahead, possibly just at a time when the Ninth Circuit will be working on a decision on this motion).

After three weeks atnumber one, Toy Story 2 droppedtwo spots to third place with $12.1M vaulting its cume to a stellar $156.4M.This year has now given birth to a record eight blockbusters grossing morethan $150M each. Toy Story 2 managedto hold on well despite the new competition for the family audience sliding34% from last weekend. However, the previous Disney/Pixar computer-animatedThanksgiving release, A Bug's Life,dipped just 11% this same weekend last year. Repeating a maneuver thatwas popular with that insect toon, Disney will add fake bloopers to theend credits of Toy Story 2 thiscoming weekend in hopes of increasing repeat business.


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