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Plan B Man Movie In Hindi

While Athira and Arjun's wedding arrangements are being planned, Athira is always preoccupied with Surya's case. Further evidences lead Athira to reexamine Surya's corpse. The case takes a bizarre turn when, this time around, the pathologist reports that the victim is not Surya, the entire accident has been staged, and the previous reports were fake. Athira's suspicion now strongly falls on Kishore. When questioned, Kishore says that Surya was forcefully married to him by her parents but she was in love with someone else. Thinking about both of their future and happiness, Kishore sends Surya off to be with her boyfriend. To avoid suspicions from her parents and friends, he staged Surya's death with the help of his friends and faked the autopsy reports using his influence as a doctor. He shows Athira a video proof of Surya living happily with her boyfriend but refuses to disclose their location for safety sake.

Plan B man movie in hindi

M Suganth of The Times of India rated the film 2.5/5 and wrote "Thittam Irandu is largely okayish whodunit with a twist that is definitely something that we don't foresee, but the extent to which this twist works for you will decide how favourably you might look at the movie in the end."[8]

Popular OTT platform, Netflix, has been known for some of its popular, new-age, contemporary shows. Every year, the platform releases a new list of original web series and movies which keep the audience intrigued and engaged. One such movie that the platform is all set to release is Riteish Deshmukh and Tamannaah Bhatia starrer, Plan A Plan B.

Plan A Plan B is an upcoming Hindi-language romantic comedy movie directed by Shashanka Ghosh (Veere Di Wedding and Khoobsurat) and written by Rajat Arora (Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai and The Dirty Picture).

A specific launch time for the movie has not been shared, but Plan A Plan B is expected to be made available from 12:30 PM IST in accordance with the typical update window for original Netflix India content.

Several arguments are associated with e-learning. Accessibility, affordability,flexibility, learning pedagogy, life-long learning, and policy are some of the argumentsrelated to online pedagogy. It is said that online mode of learning is easily accessibleand can even reach to rural and remote areas. It is considered to be a relativelycheaper mode of education in terms of the lower cost of transportation, accommodation,and the overall cost of institution-based learning. Flexibility is another interestingaspect of online learning; a learner can schedule or plan their time for completion ofcourses available online. Combining face-to-face lectures with technology gives rise toblended learning and flipped classrooms; this type of learning environment can increasethe learning potential of the students. Students can learn anytime and anywhere, therebydeveloping new skills in the process leading to life-long learning. The government alsorecognizes the increasing importance of online learning in this dynamic world.

As per the World Economic Forum, the Covid-19 pandemic also has changed the way howseveral people receive and impart education. To find new solutions for our problems,we might bring in some much-needed innovations and change. Teachers have becomehabitual to traditional methods of teaching in the form of face-to-face lectures,and therefore, they hesitate in accepting any change. But amidst this crisis, wehave no other alternative left other than adapting to the dynamic situation andaccepting the change. It will be beneficial for the education sector and could bringa lot of surprising innovations. We cannot ignore and forget the students who do nothave access to all online technology. These students are less affluent and belong toless tech-savvy families with financial resources restrictions; therefore, they maylose out when classes occur online. They may lose out because of the heavy costsassociated with digital devices and internet data plans. This digital divide maywiden the gaps of inequality.

This terrible time of fate has taught us that everything is unpredictable and we needto be ready to face challenges. Although this outbreak did not give us much time toplan we should take a lesson from this that planning is the key. We should planeverything, no matter if plan A fails, we should have plan B ready. This can only bedone if we do scenario planning. There is a need to prioritize all the critical andchallenging situations which may occur and plan accordingly. This pandemic has alsotaught us that students must possess certain skills such as skills ofproblem-solving, critical thinking, and most importantly adaptability to survive thecrisis. Educational institutions must build resilience in their systems to ensureand prioritize the presence of these skills in their students.

We need a high level of preparedness so that we can quickly adapt to the changes inthe environment and can adjust ourselves to different delivery modes, for instance,remote learning or online learning in situations of pandemics such as Covid-19.Institutions and organizations should prepare contingency plans to deal withchallenges such as pandemics and natural disasters (Seville et al., 2012). Reliability andsufficient availability of Information Communication Technology infrastructure,learning tools, digital learning resources in the form of Massive Open OnlineCourses, e-books, e-notes, and so on are of utmost importance in such severesituations (Huang et al.,2020). Instruction, content, motivation, relationships, and mental healthare the five important things that an educator must keep in mind while impartingonline education (Martin,2020). Some teaching strategies (lectures, case-study, debates,discussions, experiential learning, brainstorming sessions, games, drills, etc.) canbe used online to facilitate effective and efficient teaching and learningpractices. In such panicky situations, where the lives of so many people are atstake, teaching and learning should be made interesting. This will also reduce thestress, fear, and anxiety levels of people. For this, proper technique and learningsupport should be provided to teachers and students and government support is alsocrucial at such stage. Pedagogical and technical competency of online educators isof utmost importance. Rigorous quality management programs and continuousimprovement are pivotal for online learning success and making people ready for anycrisis-like situation.

Around 1,000 women from the UK participated in the survey and almost 50 per cent of the participants, both married as well as unmarried women, admitted to having a back-up plan or person to fall back on in case, they separated from the current partner. A substantial number of participants stated that their back-up person is most likely to be an old friend who had romantic feelings for the concerned woman in the past.

In Mediocre Romantic Comedy Land, the believability of the outcome of Plan A Plan B depends entirely on our willingness to accept that a smug, superior, controlling jerk is also a really lovely guy. Supposedly he has high moral standards and a soft spot for aging widows. But little in the movie supports that premise. Initially, when Nirali, who has given up on love, meets Kosty, nothing about their interaction predicts she'll find something to love in the jerk, except that that's the outcome written into the rules of romantic comedy. A few clever lines dispersed throughout don't make up for a complete abdication of character-building in this weak script. Why, for instance, won't Kosty give his estranged wife a divorce? He is, after all, a divorce attorney! But, hey, it's Mediocre Romantic Comedy Land.

We've all seen this movie before. Someone tries (not that hard) to tell Kosty that the person he's viciously badmouthing is standing right behind him, but he keeps spewing the vitriol. He finally realizes Nirali has heard his entire tirade against her and, although nothing in his personality has so far suggested he would care, for some inexplicable reason he feels bad. He's been saying equally hurtful things right to her face and Nirali hasn't flinched. Now, equally inexplicably, she is in tears. Of course she is. It's a Mediocre Romantic Comedy.

Families can talk about how this film adheres to the formula for a romantic comedy. Does it detract from the movie's watchability when you know from the start that two people who hate each other will end up together in the end? Why, or why not?

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Ra's al GhulGeneral InformationReal name:Ra's al GhulFirst Appearance:Batman #232 (June 1971)Created by:Dennis O'Neil (writer)Neal Adams (artist)Julius Schwartz (concept/name)Affiliations:Talia al Ghul (daughter)Damian Wayne (grandson)Legion of DoomThe DemonLeague of AssassinsAbilities:LongevityMaster of combatPortrayed by:David Warner (Voice)Ken Watanabe (Decoy)Liam NeesonPeter Woodward (Voice)Jason Isaacs (Voice)Dee Bradley Baker (Voice)Oded Fehr (Voice)Lance Reddick (Voice)Giancarlo Esposito (Voice)Matt NableAlexander SiddigFaran Tahir (Voice)Ra's al Ghul, sometimes written Rā's al Ghūl, is a supervillain and enemy of Batman. A former healer who's name translates to "head of the demon", he is a criminal mastermind and leader of the League of Assassins. In most stories, Ra's' goal is to save the Earth from possible ecological devastation, often by destroying most of the planet's population or bringing the world under his control. Though brilliant master of strategy with knowledge in various fields, Ra's al Ghul's greatest asset are his Lazarus Pits, which have allowed him to live centuries and even restore himself from death.


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