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Unveiling the Winning Strategies: Mastering FC 24 Corner Techniques

In the realm of virtual football, the ability to convert corner kicks into goals is a skill that can make or break EA FC 24 Coins your gaming experience. The impact of having a set of effective corner techniques cannot be understated, as it can be the deciding factor between qualifying for the weekend league, securing a coveted promotion, or reaching a high rank in the Champions league. In this comprehensive guide, I will delve into the intricacies of five distinct corner techniques that will provide you with the edge you need for consistent success.

Let's kick off this journey with the first corner technique: the outswung corner. This technique involves utilizing the natural curve of the ball, directing it away from the goal. To execute this, select a right-footed player for a corner on the right side or a left-footed player for a corner on the left side. Crucially, avoid manually adjusting the curve by keeping the right stick untouched. Aim with the preview line at the center of the 6-yard box, switch to a player with L1 or LB, and power up to around 2 and a half bars. By repositioning your player before the corner, you gain the momentum needed to increase the likelihood of winning headers and scoring.

For optimal results, it's advised to use a player with a dead ball play style, either regular or plus. This enhances the power, curve, and overall effectiveness of the corner. While stats like curve, free kick accuracy, and power are relevant, prioritizing players with the dead ball play style is recommended. Adjusting the tactic setup to one bar minimizes player congestion in the box, providing more room for your star player to shine.

Now, what if you find yourself with a skilled corner kick taker on only one side? Fear not; the inswung corner technique is your solution. Align the preview line with the penalty spot, and follow the same steps as the outswung corner, adjusting for the curve towards the goal. This adds variety to your corner kicks, keeping your opponents on their toes.

But what about opponents who deploy the goalkeeper to thwart your corner attempts? The inswung corner technique comes to the rescue yet again. By using the same setup but with a different lineup, you can score directly from the corner. Employ your player in the box as a distraction, enticing the opponent to pull their goalkeeper out. Power up three bars, and when the goalkeeper is off the line, release the crossing button for a direct goal. This tactical play punishes overzealous goalkeepers and adds a layer of unpredictability to your corner strategies.

Now, let's explore the versatility of short corners. By calling a player short using R1 or RB, you open up new possibilities. Whether you do it before the corner cut scene or after, it's a dynamic play that keeps your opponent on their toes. Execute a short pass, feign an attempt to go through on the goal line, and pass it to the corner taker who has repositioned. Power up the cross to the far post, taking advantage of unmarked players for a potent header.

To enhance the efficiency of short corners, consider a right-footed player for corners on the left side and a left-footed player for corners on the right side. This setup makes it easier for your player to play the cross with their dominant foot. Players with the whip pass play style further elevate the success rate of this technique.

For those seeking a variation beyond headers, consider the finesse or trivela shot from outside the box. Call a player short, play a pass towards the edge of the box, and aim the initial corner attacker towards this spot. From this position, finesse it with RB to the far post if the dominant foot is on the inside, or trigger the trivela shot with L2/LT if the dominant foot is on the outside. This provides an alternative scoring method, utilizing fan-favorite finesse and trivela shots.

In conclusion, mastering FC 24 corner techniques is an art that requires adaptability and strategic thinking. These five techniques, ranging from outswung and inswung corners to buy FC Coins short corners and finesse shots, provide you with a comprehensive arsenal. With these strategies at your disposal, you can confidently navigate corner situations, outsmart opponents, and increase your chances of scoring consistently. Elevate your virtual football game to new heights with these winning corner techniques.


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