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Diamond Matching Rings: A Practical Guide to choosing

A symbol of an unbreakable bond, a promise of love encased in a gift that will last forever. What do you know about it? Here is all the information you require to make an informed purchase.

N.B. We have included products from other companies to assist you in navigating and enjoying the most important moments of your life. We would like to inform you that we could earn a commission on products that you purchase through our site.

Before you even begin thinking about every organizational aspect of the future wedding, there's one important thing to think about. The couples will have to be at peace with themselves and start looking for the most appropriate diamond engagement rings for their half to impress her like never before. What are the best way to proceed when choosing an engagement ring made of diamonds? There are a few features you must be aware of, in order to comprehend essential technical aspects, to make a sound decision in terms of the quality of the diamond as well as the setting. In this article, we will explain all this while describing what the significance is of the various types of diamond engagement ring.

Diamond CoupleSet engagement ring: main features

If you're planning to purchase a diamond ring, but you're unsure of what to look for to determine the value be sure to understand the cut, color and quality of the diamond. These aspects, also referred to as "4 Cs" - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat - define the economic value of various stones. In addition you'll also have to pay attention to other aspects that make up the diamond engagement ring, such as the setting and the bezel. The first could be made of white gold, silver or other metals, such as pink, yellow, platinum, bicolor, or even yellow and pink.

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The bezel in which the gem is set, can be designed differently depending on the shape of the diamond (round oval, square or round heart-shaped or rectangular ...), and claw-shaped with points, or even have an edge of metal that surrounds it). When it comes to the carat it identifies the unit of measurement for the diamond as well as its weight. 0.20 grams equals a carat, while below is the term "hundredths" or "points". In a ratio, the greater the weight of the diamond, it is the greater its size and consequently its diameter. But what is the price the cost of a diamond engagement ring? Prices will differ based on the above factors, so be cautious!

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Diamond engagement ring models

It is not easy to navigate the various diamond engagement ring models. They all have distinct characteristics and different meanings always connected to love. Each one is briefly described below.


Diamond solitaire engagement rings represent a promise of enduring love. They are created from one stone - namely the diamond - which represents an individual love, and the promise of future spouses to remain together forever. Solitaires are usually made of white gold, with the diamond at the center. This gold and diamond solitaire by Bluespirit is a very popular solitaire.


The Trilogy, as you can easily guess from the name is a ring typically made of gold and on which three diamonds are set. Its meaning is tied to love and the idea of the eternal bond. The three stones symbolize the past (I have loved you) and the present (I love you) and the future (I'll be with you forever). The proposal in white gold by Bliss is beautiful and very elegant.


A true promise of love. It is the veretta, also referred to as fedina or riviera, a ring in which diamonds in varying numbers are set. Depending on the number of diamonds used, the size of the veretta will also alter, which could be five, seven, nine and all the way to total coverage of the ring. The ring is also called Eternity or Riviera similar to the design suggested by Salvini.

So if you were looking for the meaning of the ring with five diamonds is then here's the answer. The diamond ring meaning is essentially connected to its circular shape, which represents infinite time, and therefore the eternity of the connection you wish to keep for the rest of your life. The same goes for the 7 diamond riviera meaning of the ring, symbol of an indissoluble bond.


Contrarie is characterized instead by the intersection of two stones on the upper side that resembles an embrace. The two ends can be separated or joined and still give life to the unique piece. If you're looking for the meaning of the ring of contrarie it also symbolizes the idea of insolubility. The two stones represent the two people who come together and stay together.

Maintenance tips

No matter how big or small diamond ring, it is not a problem, but maintaining and taking care of it is important. The first thing to do is to stay clear of wearing the dazzling engagement ring while using abrasive soaps, cosmetics or detergents. The best way to maintain the ring is by washing it in hot water, with a gentle soap, and gently brushing it with a soft toothbrush.

It is necessary to seek advice from experts for any extraordinary maintenance every two years. They will apply Rhodium and clean the diamonds and check the setting.

Before you make that major purchase, here's what you need to be aware of. Now you know the meaning of each ring, and you can choose one that reflects your spouse, their character and their style. Use the ringsizing tool to find your ideal size! And finally, don't forget to arrange the proposal. Need advice? Here are some innovative ideas for gifting the ring of your dreams.


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