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The cost of landscaping can vary widely based on the type of plants you wish to have, the amount of grading required, the condition of the land before work begins, and other factors. Adding in designer or high-end landscaping, as well as hardscaping such as sidewalks, walls, or patios will add to the cost. To find out how much your landscaping will cost, contact landscapers near you.

landscape gardener

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Landscaping design refers to the art of analyzing an existing landscape, planning how to transform it through flora and fauna design and working with a client to ensure goals are met. Landscape designers may completely transform an outdoor space or make minor modifications to enhance it. They may also call for grading and the construction of hardscaping surfaces like walkways or patios to add to the enjoyment of the space.

A landscape gardener works outside on private yards and gardens, school campuses, parks, and public spaces. They are in charge of planting, trimming, weeding, and maintaining landscape designs. Depending on your level of experience and skill, you may work under the supervision of a manager or landscape designer or architect, or you may be involved in the design process yourself. The table below provides some more details about this career.

Entry-level landscape gardeners generally need only a high school education and on-the-job training. If you would like to advance, you can enroll in a landscape gardener training program at a community college, and acquire a certificate or an associate's degree.

Another option is participating in an apprenticeship program through a local organization. This type of program might last up to four years. You could also obtain a bachelor's degree in horticulture or landscape design. This route could be useful if you'd like to eventually become a landscape designer or landscape architect.

Certificate training programs will likely consist of courses in basic landscaping techniques, pest management and laboratory work related to gardening. In an associate's degree program, you'll study subjects such as landscape design, vegetable and fruit production and greenhouse operations, along with general education courses in humanities, geometry and social science. A bachelor's degree program in landscape architecture will cover topics such as landscape architecture ecology, plant design and landscape engineering.

Some of your job tasks may include watering, mowing and maintaining lawns, trimming walkway edges, planting trees and flowers, and fertilizing grounds. You'll confer with customers or landscape architects regarding work projects. Part of your job might entail working in a nursery setting, where you will cultivate and sell plants.

Landscape gardeners can work in a variety of different settings, among them parks and recreation areas, botanical gardens, apartment complexes, private homes and office parks. Other opportunities may exist in lawn care companies, retail garden centers and tree farms. In some cases, you might work on golf courses and athletic fields.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, landscaping and groundkeepings worker who worked in the recreational industry earned average annual salaries of $33,800 in 2020 ( Landscape gardeners who worked for local governments earned annual average salaries of about $35,820 that year, according to the BLS, while gardeners who provided landscape services for buildings and dwellings earned an average of $33,900 per year.

Gardeners are perfect to employ when a green space is already established, but just needs a bit of maintenance and tidying up here and there. Experienced gardeners will also be able to advise what plants will work best in your garden and help you achieve the results you are after.

When your vision for your garden is more than just about the plants and includes structural elements, such as laying a stunning driveway, creating the perfect path, patio, decking, screening, pond and so forth, then it is the services of a professional landscape gardener you require.

Landscape gardeners operate at the heavy-duty end of the gardening spectrum, creating structures and hard landscaping that transforms your entire garden or defines specific areas of your space. Your landscape gardener will talk to you about the result you are wanting to achieve and then help you with any designs and in selecting the right landscaping materials and planting to achieve it.

Coming somewhere between the gardener and the landscape gardener is the garden or landscape designer. The landscape designer focusses on plans and designs for an outdoor space, be that a private garden, or a public or commercial setting. At the top level of this industry is the Landscape Designer / Architect, who will be educated to degree level in their field.

In addition to creating the overall concept, the landscape designer may project manage the entire programme of works, hiring both landscape gardeners and gardeners and specifying landscaping materials and products to achieve the results they desire.

Hancock was confident that what he had created would allow numerous opportunities for other similar gardens in the US. He declared that "the day of penthouse gardening are over and miles and miles of roof space in every metropolis in this country remain to be reclaimed by landscape gardening". Throughout the project Ralph was in regular correspondence with both John D Rockefeller and Nelson Rockefeller.

In Sagaponack, New York, the Atlantic Ocean is slowly encroaching due to climate change. To escape rising tides, a couple moved their house 400 feet inland. There, LaGuardia Landscape Architects recreated the historic coastal landscape of dunes and meadows.

Caddo Parish, Louisiana, gets 5 to 6 feet of rain every year. Instead of flushing that water out into a ravine, Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects devised a beautiful system of rainwater harvesting and drainage that makes visible the movement of water through the landscape.

The exact cost of designing a landscape can vary greatly depending on the size of your yard, the scope of your plans, and the cost of plants in your area. On the low end, expect to spend around $1,000 for a pro-vetted plan and plants, all the way up to $10,000 or more.

Just like home decor styles, there are a myriad of landscape design styles homeowners can choose from. Some of the most popular (and identifiable) include English garden, Japanese garden, French garden, and native garden.

A professional landscape designer can be a helpful addition to your team, particularly if you're starting your home's exterior from scratch. Not only can they help you devise the ideal layout for your home and style, but they can also point you in the direction of the right plants for your area and help with care tips.

Gardening tasks traditionally revolve around cultivating plants. Gardeners take responsibility for planting, pruning, mowing, fertilization, weed control and leaf removal, along with some light maintenance of adjacent non-plant elements like fences or pavement, also known as hardscaping. Some professional gardeners specialize in certain skilled tasks, such as pruning Japanese maples or maintaining rock gardens.

Garden installation is largely a matter of planting. Maintenance includes all aspects of plant care, from fertilization and watering to pest management, pruning and mulching. Gardeners also keep the adjacent landscape looking its best by pressure washing paved surfaces and siding, cleaning downspouts and gutters, replacing light bulbs and sprinkler heads, etcetera.

Most lawn care professionals in America refer to themselves by the broad term landscaper, regardless of their typical scope of work. Some landscapers only mow, prune, remove leaves and plant flowers, which, we have noted, are traditional gardener tasks. Others perform comprehensive landscaping services, including design, installation and maintenance of hardscaping, irrigation, lighting and plants.

Many landscapers offer professional design services by highly-trained landscape architects. Landscape designs are scale drawings that show the placement of existing and future trees, garden beds, buildings, hardscaping elements and other garden features. They can also include overlays for irrigation and landscape lighting systems.

Landscape installers build the space according to design plans. Specialists in landscape lighting, irrigation and water gardening have the technical expertise to design, install and maintain these sophisticated elements. Landscape maintenance technicians perform traditional gardening functions of caring for grass, trees, garden beds and container gardens.

Gardening is the largest and most active part of landscaping. Many DIYers hire landscapers for highly skilled or heavy work such as landscape design services, installing lighting and irrigation, constructing paved walkways and patios, or planting large specimens. Other busy individuals contract landscapers or gardeners for weekly lawn maintenance, or less frequently for occasional specialty jobs.

Before you hire a lawn care pro, be sure to consider your full range of needs and expectations so that you can find the right contractor. For routine plant and lawn maintenance, a gardener might be the best fit, but for big jobs or broad ranging tasks, a landscaper could be a better fit.

Thinking through what you want to be able to do in your landscape, maintenance, and how to have a positive effect on the environment really helps guide the rest of your project toward a long-lasting and beautiful landscape.

The Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series (SULIS) is a collection of advice and how-to articles on landscape design, plant selection, implementation and maintenance. These articles form a curriculum for landscape designers as well as easy-to-follow instructions for home landscapers.

Landscape professionals typically have a degree in landscape design or a related area, or are licensed as a landscape architect. Some garden centers offer full service landscape design, implementation and maintenance services. 041b061a72


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