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Download MX Player 2020 and Get Ad-Free Streaming of Web Series & Top Movies with MX Gold Subscription

b) MULTI-CORE DECODING - MX Player is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding. Test result proved that multi-core device's performance is up to 70% better than single-core devices.

Free Download MX Player Pro APK (Premium) Download for Free 2020 Latest for Android 2020 For Android latest version 2020 and fully unlimited all feature MX Player Pro Mod Apk download for free and high speed and 100% working. This is the most popular app you can use easily without any problems and free.

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MX player is my favorite player but when I select many videos to delete it sometime fails, if I press previous video it asks me to play the same video again before moving to previous video, and there ...

In this article, we have shared two different methods following which you can effortlessly use both the MX Player media player and the MX Player content streaming service on your Windows laptop or pc.

MX Player is no doubt the best media player for Android users. However, many people are in trouble getting the app from Google Play Store. If you are one of those people, then here we are in your rescue. You can download MX Player APK directly from this post. We shared a direct link that works 100% on any Android device. Read on to get MX Player APK now!

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MX Player APK gives its users an awesome browsing experience. The app offers various video formats and also offline video viewing with a video playback option. As a whole, MX player tops the list of video-playing apps today.

If we talk about MX Player 2021 download process, it was easy. People can directly download the media app from Play Store. But MX Player 2022 download is a bit difficult as many people are facing issues with Play Store download. No worries, we have covered this here.

Disclaimer: We would like to clarify that this site is a fan-created blog and not the official MX Player website. If you're seeking the official site, please head over to This site has no ownership or affiliation with Times Internet or MX Player.

Initially available only in India, in March 2020, MX Player announced the launch of its OTT service internationally to select markets, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.[9] Elsewhere, it is still a video player.

Many great lists of MXplayer alternatives Windows/Mac starting with VLC, MPC-HC, PotPlayer, AIMP, SMPlayer etc. are prepared by notable review sites like Yes, if you are a power user, choose VLC; have a lightweight prefer, pick MPC-HC; pursuit advanced audio tweaks, take AIMP. But there are other MX player alternates you may have missed.

Topped the US download list on Softonic, 5KPlayer is extremely compatible for Windows 10 and Mac Sierra. It carries on many key features of MXPlayer and brings them to Windows/Mac OS system. It is a facinating media player one can ever dream of to replace MXPlayer on those two platforms!

This MX Player alternative multimedia software continues the MX player features including hardware decoding, HW acceleration, full subtitle support, rich display settings and Background Play on Windows/Mac OS of latest build. It also supports multi-core decoding, using multiple processors to render a video playback. 5KPlayer 4.2 version has a great improvement in core engine and its novel feature of iOS 13 AirPlay mirroring. If you have query for online music video free download like 4K video download or Shawn Mendes Mercy song download, why not take a look at 5KPlayer?

This alternative to MXPlayer uses GTK+ GMplayer frontend to build its default GUI, so basically, not a good choice for aesthetic GUI lovers. The best convenience is that users can easily fast forward or backward a video by sliding the mouse wheel. In comparison with Potplayer and SMplayer which are the second/third choices after VLC with better interface, Mplayer seldom crashes! Smart, capable of dealing with HD videos and H.264 decoding!

4K UHD Player Software Free Download for Mac/Windows 10How to play 2160x3840 or 4096x2160 4K videos? A powerful 4K UHD video player could help handle the high resolution 4K contents on Mac and Windows 10 easily.

Top 4 Free 360 Video Players Windows 10/Mac DownloadHere is a list of top 4 360 video player for Windows 10/Mac out the market that you can use to play 360 degree videos to have the immersive experience on PC and Mac.

Free VP9 Player for VP9/VP8 Video Playback on Mac/Windows OSHere we introduce you 2 professional VP9 players that can decode VP9 codec as well as VP8 and play back these videos smoothly without glitches.

Yes. It does support 4K. It also supports Full and Ultra HD, although whether you can get that performance depends on your device. The player also supports all the other main video formats, including (but not limited to) MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, RMVB, MOV, and FLV.

However, you can still get MX Player for PC or your laptop if you want. The best way to download MX Player for PC is through the Android Emulator. In this post, I will share how to get MX Player APK on your PC/Laptop through Emulator.

We always need a good media player for our PC to run all types of media files. And it should support most of the video file formats. It can be frustrating to try playing favorite movies only for your PC to decline. Let us eliminate this setback for good. Installing the MX media player takes care of all these issues then you can enjoy playing any video on your PC.

Take note that you can always download MX Player APK and MX Player Pro from our website. We recommend that you bookmark our site and share it with your friends and family so that they can benefit from this information too.

MX Player for Windows (.exe file) is not available for direct download unlike Android devices, so we had to compromise a little bit. The best android emulator is BlueStacks. So, here I give you step by step guide on how to Download and Install MX Player for PC using BlueStacks. If you use any other emulator software, the steps will be pretty much the same. Follow the steps below in order to use this awesome app on your computer.

There is an alternative method, you can directly Download MX Player Apk from our site (Link is provided at the beginning of the article). After downloading the file right click and open it with Bluestacks. The App will be installed on your PC.

Update: MX Player app is now officially available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and you can download it here. Some people have problems with the official windows app not working for the last few days. Follow all the above steps and your problem should be sorted by the end.

If you are not using any other media player, you can make this your primary media player program on your PC. To do this go to control panel>settings and Make MX Player your default program for all the file types by checking all file extensions in the dialog box.

There are hundreds of media player applications available for Windows computers on Google, but none of them can beat this app. It has recently gained fame due to its simplicity in the user interface, and the capability to play a peculiar media format on Android mobile phones.

MX player is one of the most used applications on phones. And now you can use the top features on our other devices too! Enjoy the high-quality application and run it smoothly on your preferred devices. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you would not face any problems. Let us know your comments down below.

Hello, After the installation When I try to check, I was not able to see all the shows on the MX player that I can on the actual website. What should I do? and there is no way to increase the full size of screen than phone size application? USA, NJ

Disclaimer: Kindly be informed that this website serves as a fan-based blog and is not the official MX Player site. To access the official website, please go to This site is not owned or associated with Times Internet, MX Player, or any of its affiliates.

Being a media consumer myself on my phone, I know how difficult it is to do the same with the default player that every time we suffer to skip forward or go backward, change the aspect ratio and control the playback according to our interests.

On most of the video players, you have to drag your fingertips exactly through the playback progress bar to skip to a specific portion or you would tap on the exact place. Both the methods may not suit you because you may misplace your fingers.

To download MX Player APK, click on the download button below. If you already have installed MX Player 2020 download the latest version from here and update the existing app. Below are the steps to download the app:

Recommended read: MX Player AIO Zip codec file download to fix audio issues in MX Player. Also, check out how to download MX Player for PC and Laptop. If you want to enjoy MX Player Pro free then give it a try.

MX Player is the most popular video player in India. It supports all types of video formats and subtitle gestures. You can run several video files, unlike other Android multimedia players that come with the device.

I love this app, I have one big problem though which has stopped me from using it and I hope you can help. I have my movies stored on my external SD card and cannot find my external SD. I have gone to settings>lists>folders and have tried over and over but cannot find a way for this media player to see my external SD Card. Pleas help!!! This is for my Android Tablet.

Disclaimer: Be advised that this is a fan-made blog and not the official website for MX Player. For the official website, please visit This site is neither owned by Times Internet nor affiliated with MX Player or Times Internet in any manner.

After downloading, you need to transfer it to the folder where your movies is located. That way, it will not be hard to find. Then, you can easily add them on MX Player by following the instructions given above.


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