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Where To Buy Brooklyn Roasting Company Coffee ((LINK))

The Brooklyn Roasting Company sources and serves superb and sustainable coffees from the world's most renowned growing regions. We favor third-party-certified coffees in order to help guarantee a living wage for historically impoverished farmers. We celebrate the strong local character of Brooklyn and its rich coffee-roasting heritage.

where to buy brooklyn roasting company coffee

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The local third-wave coffee purveyor shuttered its outposts at 25 Jay Street in Dumbo and 50 West 23rd Street in Flatiron and filed for bankruptcy last year as foot traffic slowed to a crawl during the pandemic. However, the company failed to cut costs even before 2020.

Brooklyn Roasting Company was first founded by Munson, a former partner in The Brooklyn Brewery, in 2009. The company eventually expanded to seven locations, as well as merchandise and a coffee subscription service. Four employees were trained up as "Q Graders," the coffee industry's equivalent of being a master sommelier (for reference, there are only 4,000 Q Graders in the entire global coffee industry). They would spend weeks tasting more than 130 coffees before selecting the six best varieties for the company.

Editor's note: This article has been corrected to accurately state that Brooklyn Roasting Company is closing two of its locations. It previously incorrectly reported that the company was closing all coffee shops.

However, it can be confusing. For starters, it has two entrances, both on Jay Street. I recommend the larger one with double doors closer to the river, by the corner with John Street. This leads to the main counter, where you can order (and wait for) your coffee while eyeing the cakes and sandwiches or perusing the extensive range of beans for sale. 041b061a72


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