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Buying Real Estate In France

The most common fees include real estate agency, public registration and so on. But, in France, you also have the notaire (notary/lawyer) fees which are scaled by the government based on the total price of your property.

buying real estate in france


Many French households increased their savings during the 2020 Covid lockdowns, resulting in a rise in real estate purchases in 2021. In fact, sales rose by 14.5% compared to the same period in 2019. The recent trend has been to favor houses over apartments. This has led to a significant increase in house prices, especially in less populated areas away from major cities. Over recent months, apartment prices have increased by 5.2%, while house prices have gone up by 9%.

The Association of French Notaries is projecting similar growth for the coming year: around 5% for apartments and 10% for houses. Overall, French real-estate prices are among the highest in Europe, rivaling the UK, Monaco, and Austria. However, it is worth noting that prices per square meter vary drastically from city to city and between urban and countryside areas.

It is important to be accompanied by a notary specializing in real estate if you wish to purchase a new-build home. Buyers associations like ADIMASSO can also help you tackle potential problems, including:

Although you may find a notaire who speaks some English, it is important to realise that the legal documents will be in French and will likely contain unfamiliar legal terms. Some estate agents do offer translations of the Compromis de Vente, but this is not their primary role or responsibility.

Make sure to talk to your French estate agent before making your final decision. You need to ensure that they can give you additional knowledge about the area you are looking at and they can explain the subtle nuances of buying property here. Without this additional information you are much more likely to struggle throughout the journey and your first few days in France.

Your agent should listen to your requirements carefully and make suggestions according to your specific needs. They will take time to accompany you on various viewings and should also give advice on all sorts of matters relating not only to the actual property but the area, local attractions, nearest airports, train stations, where the local doctor and school is and many others. The commission rates are higher in France but in return, estate agents should be willing to offer a complete service and take time to educate you about everything to do with buying property and how life is in France!

Buyers are often caught out by the additional costs that are involved when buying in France. The different fees and also the legal process are not the same as in the UK, and these unexpected bills can run into thousands. They will include your deposit, mortgage fees, transfer tax and stamp duty, as well as notaire fees, independent legal fees, property registration fees and possibly the cost of a survey. This is all in addition to the estate agent fees, which are paid by the buyer in France.

Our tradition of carrying out a building or structural survey when buying a property does not really exist in France. One reason for this may be that there are so many very old properties, sometimes hundreds of years old, and the considered thinking generally is that they have stood the test of time and will likely even outlive their new owner without any major problems. However, we British tend to be a bit more cautious, and it never hurts to be sure that nothing will crop up.

Sotheby's International Realty France - Monaco provides access to exceptional real estate and houses for sale steeped in luxury and sophistication. This includes prestigious apartments, lands, luxury houses, castles, private mansions and lofts that open the doors to a prestigious and elegant universe. If you are looking for a truly unique home, be charmed by our luxury chalets, wineries and waterfront properties for sale in France.

Expert in luxury real estate in france, our real estate agents in France bring relevant advice to help you find the property or land for sale in France that marches your needs.For further information about our French houses, you can reach our property agents via the form introduced in our real estate ads.

Searches for French properties by US-based buyers jumped 37% in the first five months of 2022 compared to the same period last year, according to real estate company Knight Frank, with Paris, Provence, the French Riviera and southwest France among the most sought-after areas.

France is one of the best places to live or retire in Europe. In this article, we take a look at the best places to buy real estate in France. It is a country with a range of living options to suit every taste. France has it all. Mountain living, beach towns, historic towns, and city life. France also suits all budgets. You can live an affordable lifestyle here or enjoy luxury living in your Parisian penthouse.

A significant portion of real estate here are second homes owned by folks that live elsewhere in the country. They follow the seasons to the south to enjoy their beach or mountain home only for parts of the year. This means that the rental market is flush with holiday lets but long-term leases can be harder to find. All agencies deal with sales and leases, so you can ask any agency to help you find rentals.

With a steady stream of tourists every month of the year, Bordeaux is one of the best places to buy real estate in France. Since there is hardly an off-peak time of the year, you could easily rent out a property year-round. Due to the global popularity of this incredible location, there are a host of English property management companies you can get in touch with if you want in.

One of the best places to buy real estate in France is Cantal, known for its low prices and tourist potential. July, August, and May are the busiest months. The cold weather for most of the year makes off-season rental unlikely. That said, if you still want to go ahead and buy a house in this winter wonderland, you can find numerous English speaking property management companies to facilitate the purchase.

Plenty of tourists flock to Marseille every year, making this location one of the best places to buy real estate in France. Season peaks between May and August. Another shoulder season comes in from September to November. The oldest city in France is the third-largest urban area in the country. This means, that you will definitely be able to rent out your property in off-peak season.

Known for its high tourist magnetism, Lyon attracts tourists almost year-round. This makes it one of the best places to buy real estate in France. Popular with both national and international tourists, Lyon could be rented both in season and off-peak. You will find a number of reputable English property management companies that can assist you in purchasing a Lyon property.

Specially for those interested in buying real estate in France or want to move to this wonderful country, the REALTING team has prepared an interview with the founder of the French Agency Paris Management Group Togrul Aliyev. The company has been present in the real estate market for more than seven years and it is well known not only in France, but also in many other countries around the world.

Typically it takes about three months from the signing of the Compromis de Vente to get to the Acte de Vente, the final document in the buying process. The signing of the Acte de Vente takes place at the office of the notaire who prepared it. The buyer, seller and notaire must be present at this meeting, although if any of the parties is unable to attend, a power of attorney can be granted (though not to an estate agent). A date is usually set well in advance but it is subject to change. Your Leggett Immobilier agent can attend the meeting with you and will help you to understand the process, which is particularly useful for those who are not yet speaking fluent French.

We have asked the trusted family office professionals at Rosemont Monaco SAM to answer a selection of often-asked questions, in order to help you better navigate the French Riviera real estate market.

There is an enormous variety of attractive real estate on the French Riviera, from ancient to modern. The purchasing process is reasonably straightforward with expert assistance to avoid common pitfalls. It is difficult to mention all of them but here are some:

For example, if you intend to make your property available for short-term furnished rentals, a French SCI might not be the best option. Indeed, a French SCI is only supposed to perform civil activities while, under French tax law, the furnished rental of real estate is deemed to be a commercial activity.

Holding your French real estate via a foreign trust may also trigger reporting obligations in France. Indeed, trusts having a connection with France are subject to various reporting obligations in France. The purpose of these reporting obligations is to provide the French tax authorities with some information regarding the trust, the trustee(s), the settlor(s) and the beneficiaries of such trust.

For non-French tax resident individuals, inheritance tax may apply whether the property is held directly or indirectly. This can be the case, for example, if the French property is held through a foreign entity which is deemed to be a real estate entity in France for French tax purposes.

If your property was acquired through an entity, whether French or foreign, this entity can be subject to the French 3% tax on real estate. This tax applies annually on the market value of properties held by entities on January 1st.

Provided that certain conditions are met, entities within the scope of the 3% tax on real estate tax can benefit from an exemption of this tax. This exemption is in most cases subject to the filing of a 3% tax return in France.

The most common reason to set up an SCI is when several purchasers (often family members) are buying real estate together. The other option, joint ownership, is more difficult to manage under French law. 041b061a72


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