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[S8E2] Up The Down Steroid __HOT__

After practicing bench-pressing with Timmy, Jimmy sees Nathan hiding in a dark corner. Nathan offers him some steroids to help him win, assuring Jimmy that these new drugs cannot be detected in urine tests. Jimmy accepts the offer, thinking how hard could it be.

[S8E2] Up the Down Steroid

Timmy discovers the steroids Jimmy has been taking on his bag and feels disappointment on Jimmy for cheating. Jimmy tries to make him forget about witnessing them and to stop him from telling this to the coaches. Timmy frowns on Jimmy's behavior and actions, but being unable to say anything other than "Timmy!!" and "Jimmy!!", he was unable to explain the situation to the school counselor, Mr. Mackey.

Meanwhile, Nancy is very worried about Jimmy being different than he was before he buffed up, she then knows that Jimmy is too far from winning in the Olympics and decides to break up with him. Jimmy ends up in a steroid temper, which causes him to be very violent to the point of attacking Nancy and his his mother. Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" playing as the atmospheric soundtrack as he loses his mind and bawls.

Cartman's plan of course fails, having failed to consider that the handicapped contestants all had weeks of intensive training and are in great shape while he was not. He comes in last while Jimmy comes up in first place in the Special Olympics. However, he gets a spirit award in the form of a 50-dollar gift voucher to Shakey's Pizza. When he comes up to the stand to collect the prize, Jimmy realizes Cartman has been faking his "retardation" and ironically was about to beat him up for being a cheater, but Timmy scolds him for it. Jimmy goes up to the microphone to tell that he learned his lesson, namely that taking steroids is cheating, on a par with pretending to be "retarded" to participate in the Special Olympics. This results in him giving back his medal and delivering a heartfelt speech to the audience, who applaud him for being honest.

The episode ends with Cartman trying to convince the rest of the boys that he was pretending to be retarded to teach Jimmy a lesson about steroids. The boys, however, do not fall for his deception. This results in Cartman telling them to "grow up", as he walks away.

"Up the Down Steroid" is the second episode in the eighth season of the American animated television series South Park, and the 113th episode of the series overall. Going by production order, it is the second episode of Season 8 instead of 3rd. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on March 24, 2004. In the episode, Jimmy enters the special Olympics but starts using steroids to improve his performance. Cartman, believing he will have an advantage over the other children, disguises himself as handicapped so he can enter and win the cash prize. The title of the episode is a parody of the book Up the Down Staircase.[1]

Timmy and Jimmy are eager to represent Team USA at the 2004 World Kids Disability Games in Denver. Cartman decides to fake being disabled and attempt to beat all the handicapped children in the events to win the $1,000 prize. Jimmy is talked into taking steroids by Nathan to increase his chances of winning. He manages to keep his use of it a secret from everyone except for Timmy (who discovers the drugs after he accidentally dropped the bag and spilling the contents). While Timmy frowns on this, being unable to say anything other than either his own and Jimmy's names, he is unable to explain the situation to the school counselor Mr. Mackey.

Meanwhile, Jimmy decides to improve his chances by juicing up on steroids. Soon he outperforms everyone -- but at a terrible price. First, he's shamed when Timmy discovers what he's doing. Then, in a fit of 'roid rage, Jimmy beats up his girlfriend and his mother.

Jimmy claims first place at the awards ceremony, while Cartman, who came in last, is given a "spirit award" -- a gift certificate to Shakey's Pizza. But when he steps forward to claim his prize, Jimmy furiously accuses him of cheating -- and then realizes the irony of one cheater accusing another. He confesses to using steroids, renounces his medal, and promises to return next year to compete "with honor."

"I know now that even if you do win on steroids, you're really not winners. You're just a pussy; you're just a big fat pussy. And if you take steroids, the only decent thing to do is come forward and say, 'Remove me from the record books, because I am a big, stinky pussy, steroid-taking jackass.'"

For years Matt and Trey toyed with the notion of Cartman sneaking into the Special Olympics, but the concept didn't seem strong enough to carry an entire show. Adding the steroid abuse angle gave them enough meat to make an episode.

Jimmy ja Timmy kilpailevat vammaisten olympialaisissa. Jimmy päätyy käyttämään steroideja pärjätäkseen paremmin. Cartman saa selville, että voittaja saa ison palkinnon, joten hän ujuttautuu mukaan kisaan.

Timmy e Jimmy sono in lizza per partecipare alle para-olimpiadi. Jimmy, però, finisce per divenire preda degli steroidi. Nel frattempo Cartman escogita uno stratagemma per fingersi disabile e ottenere così una facile vittoria alla competizione.

Jimmy y Timmy entrenan para participar en las Olimpiadas Especiales de Denver, y Jimmy acepta esteroides que le ofrece Nathan. Mientras tanto, Cartman se disfraza de retrasado para poder participar y así ganar el premio.

from what I've heard, one of the writers of family guy came up with the idea of "the ringer" and pitched it to the south park guys years back who rejected it. While the ringer was in post production (due to various reasons took a while to be released) the south park episode was made. A lawsuit ensued. Again, this is all passed down information - not sure if its true.

Kyle invites Stan, Kenny and Butters to Casa Bonita, a Mexican-themed restaurant in South Park. Cartman is livid for being left out and turns on the charm, which leads to Kyle suggesting that, if Butters can't go for any reason, Cartman can take his place. Cue a dastardly plan to take down Butters.

If you've ever wondered what Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny would look like morbidly obese, then look no further than 'Make Love, Not Warcraft'. The boys are playing the legendary MMORPG when a high-level player starts ruthlessly picking them off. The plan they hatch to take down the player is simple: they must hide away and kill low-level boar until they are a high enough level to take down the villain.

This completely awful, yet very funny episode is the perfect example of Parker and Stone's risk-taking humour. Jimmy and Timmy are competing in the special Olympics, but Cartman wants in on the $1,000 prize money. To do this, he pretends to be mentally disabled, only to discover he's so horrendously unfit he can't beat the other kids. At the same time, Jimmy has got himself hooked on steroids in a Lance Armstrong spoof.

Determined not to sit back and watch people destroy the world (his words, not ours), Kyle's dad Gerald coughs up for a new hybrid car, embracing a new, greener lifestyle. Trouble is, while using the more environmentally-friendly vehicle cuts down on smog levels, it comes with an unintended side-effect of Smug. Eventually, Gerald's unable to cope with the small minds of the simple folk of South Park, and relocates the family to the sunny San Francisco, the only place in the country more Smug than South Park. Surely, this episode is worth a watch for that wordplay alone?

The episode is filled with humorous references to Japanese culture, such as the characters' transformation into anime-style warriors, the use of Japanese instruments in the soundtrack, and the inclusion of samurai-inspired weapons. Through this, the show manages to bring a lighthearted and humorous take on the popular genre of anime. Despite its humorous tone, the episode still captures the intensity of an anime battle, as the boys and Professor Chaos engage in an epic showdown.

All the children of South Park are attracted to Mr. Jefferson, his son and their home filled with games, toys and animals. Cartman goes out of his way to get Mr. Jefferson to love him while the local police force resent him for being black and wealthy and decide bring him down.

All the children of South Park are attracted to Mr. Jefferson, his son and their home filled with games, toys and animals. Cartman goes out of his way to get Mr. Jefferson to love him while the local police force resent him for being black and wealthy and decide bring him down. Air Date : 21st-Apr-2004

All the children of South Park are attracted to Mr. Jefferson, his son and their home filled with games, toys and animals. Cartman goes out of his way to get Mr. Jefferson to love him while the local police force resent him for being black and wealthy and decide bring him down. Air Date : 21st-Apr-2004 Read More

The dynamic between House and Foreman illustrates this clearly. Foreman is now House's boss but early on House is flouting Foreman's authority which, to be fair, Foreman should have seen coming. House has never put his position first, or even the patient first. The puzzle comes first and, in that situation, both his superiors and his patient get moved down the priority list. One thing that does help him is that technically, Park isn't his responsibility. Unlike his fellows, who House actually had to teach, Park really is House's assistant here and, since she hasn't been board certified yet, technically she's not qualified. As a result, Park is clearly expendible.

Wilson finds House in his office playing "My Heart Will Go On". Wilson is angry that House isn't working on the case, but House assures him they have a diagnosis and Park is confirming it. After they argue about their old friendship, Park comes in to announce the "tumor" was just coagulated plasma they gave the patient in the emergency room. She did an MRI and found no sign of cancer. House thinks it might have been the plasma, but Park realizes every unit of plasma has 25 donors who will have to be tracked down. 041b061a72


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