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Carnage X Timmy Trumpet - PSY Or DIE (Official Music Video)

Smith adopted the stage name Timmy Trumpet and began performing as a trumpeter alongside Australian DJ duo the Stafford Brothers at Australian nightclubs and music festivals. He taught himself how to DJ and began playing solo shows billed as Timmy Trumpet, incorporating live trumpet into his DJ sets.[6][7][8]

Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE (Official Music Video)


By 2015, Timmy Trumpet was gaining recognition within the music industry overseas and started writing and producing music with international artists. "Toca", the first of a series of international collaborations, was with Guatemalan-American DJ and producer, Carnage and Indian-American DJ and producer KSHMR. "Toca" is a Big room rework of the classical Johann Sebastian Bach composition "Toccata and Fugue in D minor". "Toca" was released on 26 June 2015 on Ultra Music. The track has since become a trademark of Timmy Trumpet's live performances, utilizing elements of the original orchestral introduction and playing live trumpet.

By 2022, "Narco" had gained a cult following in the United States of America after All-Star closer Edwin Díaz of the New York Mets used it as his entrance music in 2021 and 2022.[35] On 31 August 2022, Trumpet performed the opening trumpet portion of "Narco" live at Citi Field as Diaz entered the game.[36]

Timmy Trumpet is renowned for his energetic live performances and use of pyrotechnics on stage. Timmy plays mixed platform electronic music, trumpet, blending many sub-genres together, playing music at various speeds, and incorporating live trumpet solos over custom edits. Timmy's DJ sets predominantly feature his own original tracks, collaborations and remixes.[37]

Timmy has cited Daft Punk as early inspiration to start experimenting with electronic dance music. In an interview with Belfast Telegraph, Timmy said: "I was a trumpeter before I was a DJ, I would play alongside songs I heard on the radio. I remember playing to Daft Punk for the first time. That's when I realised there might be something to this trumpet/EDM thing."[38]

Timothy Jude Smith born 9 June 1982, better known by his stage name Timmy Trumpet, is an Australian musician, DJ, songwriter and record producer. He has become known internationally for playing the trumpet live and making use of jazz elements in the realm of global dance music. 041b061a72


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